(Electrical Discharge Machining)

Die Technology Inc provides ultra-precision wire EDM, sinker EDM, small hole EDM, and micro EDM services.
With almost a million hours of EDM experience, we can handle the most challenging projects.


  • Small wire EDM proficiency to .0012” diameter EDM wire
  • Small hole EDM capability down to 50 micron diameter
  • Surface finish to Ra 0.05um
  • Sinker EDM capabilities including steel and carbide
  • High volume small hole EDM
  • EDM in steel, carbide, (high temp) alloys, precious metals etc…


  • Micro machining components for medical and electronic uses
  • Production of miniature precision components
  • Tooling components for precision dies, molds, & special machines
  • High precision components for automation & robotics
  • Difficult to machine materials including titanium, carbide, exotic alloys, tungsten, MP35N