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High Precision Milling

High Precision Milling

  • 3 axis high speed, high precision milling
  • 5 axis simultaneous high efficiency, high precision milling
  • Travels to 24”x 35” x 18” (XYZ), accuracy to +/-.0001”
  • High performance machines for consistent accuracy and shorter cycle times
  • Complex high precision machined components
  • High precision stamping dies & die components
  • Precision fixtures and tooling
    • Fine finish hard milling
  • Micro machining
    • Medical micro machining in all materials
    • Aerospace machining in all materials

High Precision, High Performance Milling

Die Technology Inc. is your solution for Excellence in High Precision Milling.  High precision, high speed milling capabilities include 3 and 5 axis equipment with accuracies to +/-.0001”.  Our innovative and proven milling processes ensure high accuracy and fine finishes on all milled components.  The milling equipment is thermostabilized throughout with high performing spindles that handle roughing operations as easy as finishing operations, resulting in high accuracy and fine finishes on the finished part.  High speed controls can process code quickly to maintain high speed, high efficiency cuts, allowing more parts produced in less time with higher overall quality.  Milling can be done dry, with oil mist, or with temperature-controlled flood coolant.

Milling applications

Let Die Technology Inc. show you what milling productivity looks like.  5 axis equipment allows efficient milling of complex parts, such as extrusion dies or mixing nozzles, or complex surfacing of medical components.  5 axis 3+2 processing in parts requiring machining from multiple sides reduces setups and increases efficiency.   Die Technology Inc. utilizes 3 axis high precision, high efficiency milling for die and mold work.  This equipment has high performing spindles for both aggressive roughing and finishing work in soft materials as well as hard milling applications.

Micro machining applications require exceptionally stable and accurate equipment.  Die Technology Inc. has the high-performance spindles, software, tool holders, machine resolution, precision work holding, and highly trained professionals for your complex micro machining needs.

Complete Solutions for Excellence in High Precision

Die Technology Inc., Custom Jig Grinding, & Nanotech Precision, LLC can provide solutions for your high precision manufacturing needs.  Die Technology Inc. excels in producing high precision dies and complex machined components.  This work often requires multiple machining processes to reach completion.  For example, a die plate manufacture starts with CNC milling, followed by a heat treat hardening process, grinding for flatness & perpendicularity, CNC hard milling or jig grinding critical features, and wire EDM for precision insert pocket and dowels.  Many complex machined components require similar operations.  An aerospace component may start with 5-axis milling, followed by grinding, wire EDM or femto laser operations.  We have a solution for all your high precision component needs.

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