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Precision Jig Grinding Capabilities

Custom Jig Grinding was acquired in 2014 and is a division of Die Technology, Inc. We are committed to building upon the reputation and legacy of Custom Jig Grinding by continually improving our unique grinding equipment and processes.

What Is Jig Grinding?

Jig Grinding is a specialty grinding process that allows us to grind precision holes, slots, pockets, and contours in tools and components with extremely high precision and accuracy.

What is a Jig Grinder?

A jig grinder is a machine used for grinding precise holes and complex contours where the highest degrees of accuracy and finish are required.  Jig grinding machines utilized by Die Technology Inc. have the latest CNC controls and features to achieve the highest accuracy and most repeatability.

Precision Grinding

Precision Grinding is a critical process utilized for high precision features. Surface grinding is utilized to achieve flatness of a planar surface, and combined with proper fixturing, can be utilized for achieving perpendicular surfaces.  Jig grinding is a precision grinding process primarily used for accurately sizing holes or contours in a precise location, perpendicular to a surface.  ID grinding or OD grinding is utilized for grinding round features, typically round parts.  Precision jig grinding can be utilized for ID grinding or OD grinding processing.  Multiple features can be processed in a single set up, such as a plate with multiple bores needing a high level of precision.  Accuracy achieved with precision grinding is dependent upon the equipment as well as the skill of the operator.  At Die Technology Inc. and Custom Jig Grinding, we are able to achieve surface grinding accuracies of .0001” flatness and parallelism.  Precision jig grinding accuracies of .0001” true position and feature size are routine.

Grinding Process Control

Temperature control is a critical component of precision grinding ID grinding and OD grinding.  Grinding is an abrasive machining process that creates heat at the point of contact with the grinding wheel.  If the heat isn’t controlled and is allowed to affect the workpiece, thermal growth and distortion can occur, affecting the accuracy of the workpiece.  Custom Jig Grinding and Die Technology Inc. utilize equipment with synthetic oil & water-soluble synthetic oil coolant to control thermal effects of the precision grinding process.  The synthetic oil coolant provides lubricity for grinding processes, including ID grinding and OD grinding, giving thermal control as well as enhancing the ability of the grinding wheel to cut the workpiece for improved accuracy and finish.  The coolant also reduces residual machining stress in the workpiece.

Precision Grinding Simplified

Precision jig grinding is utilized for producing a precise diameter or profile on a precise location, perpendicular to a surface. Many types of grinding wheels are available, allowing for many different types of materials to be ground.  Custom Jig Grinding utilizes standard abrasives such as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, and super abrasives such as cubic boron nitride (CBN) and diamond, both in plated wheels and standard bonds.  At Custom Jig Grinding and Die Technology Inc., we can grind most metallic materials including tool steel, stainless steel, various alloyed steels, aluminum, hardcoat anodized aluminum, as well as tungsten carbide and many ceramic materials.


  • Precision holes from Ø.0250″ to 6.5000″
  • Continuous path grinding to .0002″ profile accuracy
  • Precision gauge
    • Gauge pins from Ø.0200 to Ø.3760 in .0001 increments
    • Bore gauges up to 6.5000
    • CMM services

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