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Excellence in High Precision

Custom Jig Grinding, Die Technology Inc., & Nanotech Precision, LLC, have diverse manufacturing technologies to achieve Excellence in High Precision. These technologies allow us to produce high precision micro holes and features from .001” to 12” diameter and beyond.  Femtosecond laser and micro EDM services can produce micro holes & features down to 20 microns and sub-micron accuracy. Small hole EDM is used to produce holes from Ø.006-Ø.250.  Larger holes and features can be produced with high accuracy by multiple processes:  milling and hard milling, wire EDM, sinker EDM & jig grinding.  Custom Jig Grinding and Die Technology personnel can choose the best or most cost-effective method for the application. Contact us for your high precision needs.

  • Femto second laser
    • Micro holes and micro features 20 microns to 1mm diameter.
    • Sub-micron accuracy
    • 3 & 5 axis capabilities
    • Materials include precious metals, hypo tubes, polymers, gemstones, etc.
  • Small hole EDM
    • Ø.006 – Ø.250 holes
    • High volume capabilities
  • Wire EDM
    • Accuracy +/-1 micron, surface finish to 0.05mm Ra
    • Wire diameter down to 30 microns
    • Materials include Tool steel, carbide, stainless steel, titanium, precious metals, super alloys, etc.
  • Sinker EDM
    • High accuracy, fine finish to 0.06mm Ra
    • Micro machining capability
    • Steel & carbide materials
  • CNC Milling & hard milling
    • +/-.0001” accuracy
    • 3 & 5 axis capabilities
    • High speed processing
  • Jig grinding
    • +/-.00005” accuracy
    • Diameter range Ø.035-8.000”
  • Surface grinding
    • 12×24” capacity
  • Laser marking

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