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Catheter Hole Punch Machines

Catheter hole punch equipment designed by Die Technology Inc is highly reliable and cost effective. Punch multiple holes down to .012″ diameter in radial, linear, or spiral patterns quickly and efficiently. We manufacture stand-alone systems or design for integration into automation including robotic work cells.

Catheter Hole Punch Machines:
  • Catheters from 3fr and up
  • Small hole EDM capability down to 50 micron diameter
  • Hole sizes from .012” diameter and up
  • Unbraided or braided catheter including stainless and tungsten wires
  • Stand-alone control or integrate into robotic cell automation
  • Up to 10 holes punched simultaneously
    • Radial, linear, or spiral patterns
    • Fluid holes
    • Mechanical lock feature for over molding
    • Orientation feature

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