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CNC Precision Grinding & Applications

Custom Jig Grinding was acquired in 2014 and is a division of Die Technology, Inc. We are committed to building upon the reputation and legacy of Custom Jig Grinding by continually improving our unique grinding equipment and processes.

CNC Precision Grinding Services

At Custom Jig Grinding, we provide excellence in high precision jig grinding services.  Jig grinding is a precision grinding process primarily used for accurately sizing holes or contours in a precise location, perpendicular to a surface.  When coupled with a continuous path CNC control, jig grinding can be utilized to grind a precise contour or shape on an external or internal feature.  The results are high precision components with excellent surface finishes.  These state-of-the-art grinding systems have six-axis CNC controls that allow complex CNC grinding operations.  A six-axis CNC-controlled jig grinding machine, (maximum 4 simultaneous axis), with a fully programmable W axis, permits the generation of 3-dimensional forms in addition to the traditional cycles including bottom grinding, taper grinding, and wipe grinding.

Precision Grinding Applications

Jig grinding is common for processing aerospace or fluid power components requiring critical ID features to be established after plating or hard coat anodizing.  These parts are carefully fixtured and features ground, removing as little as .0005” of material to finish critical bores for bearing fitment or assembly features.

Jig grinding is utilized for critical holes and features in precision tooling.  Many hot runner systems require precision ground gates and gate seals.  Silicone molds flash at as little as .0001” gap, so jig ground fits for core pins often are necessary.  Precision dies sets can be jig ground to control cutting clearances of less than .0001” per side.  Punches and dies for cutting thin materials can be contour ground for repeatable accuracy and fine finish.  Die Technology Inc. utilizes jig grinding for precision dies & die sets in the construction of dies for thin and ultra-thin materials down to .0005” thickness.

Precision Grinding Equipment

Die Technology, Inc. & Custom Jig Grinding utilize high precision CNC jig grinding equipment to continuous-path-grind carbide or steel punches and die plates for thin material dies with cutting clearances down to .0001” per side.  Eccentric or oval cams for automation equipment have been produced by CNC continuous path jig grinding.  Critical slots and datum features can be established by precision jig grinding.  Multiple critical features can be ground and controlled with this CNC grinding equipment due to the automatic wheel changer and full probing capabilities.

The CNC grinding machines utilized for this type of work have temperature-controlled flood coolant for ultimate accuracy and CNC grinding performance.  Form tolerances of less than .0001” and surface finishes of 4 micro inch or better can be achieved.  Temperature stability of the equipment is addressed in the overall design of the equipment.  The equipment has a full machine enclosure.  The flood coolant system has a temperature control system to maintain consistent temperature.  The CNC grinding machine enclosure has a vapor extraction system built in to recycle the coolant mist and circulate the air within the work area.  In addition, the on-machine inspection/probing allows for grinding process monitoring for full control of accuracy and grinding performance.


  • Precision tooling
    • Mold hot runner gates
    • Precision die sets & mold sets
    • Matched punch and die contours in steel and carbide
    • Mold and die plates
  • Aerospace components
    • Sizing hardcoat buildup in holes
  • Precision machined components
  • Thermoform tooling

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